Spinning on Saturday Morning.

May 24, 2009

I decided to join the YMCA and participate in a few exercise classes. Even though I have DVD’s, exercise equipment all at home, i find I work better with a group.  In a group I’m pushed to keep on working out by encouraging or threats from my work-out friends, but at home there’s no one there to push me, but me.

My first class was painful. A pain I compare to childbirth labor, it’s painful while its happening, but as soon as class is over and we ‘ve completed our cool-down. The pain is  distanc memory, well that is until I try to walk up the steps in my house. But it’s a good pain. I feel more alive, I feel happier, I’m pumped. 

I threw myself int to Turbo Kick workout class also. i’m thinking it’s just a class you know jumping and stuff. well talk about sweating through your clothes. our instructor worked us the entire hour, almost non-stop. she asked if i was ok, i was ok. my thing is i can only achieve when something is a challenge. i don’t take the easy path in too many life’s choices.

but i feel good inside and it is showing on the outside. i’m even watching what i eat and it doesn’t bother me if i don’t have those two cans of soda.


All About Hair Blog

May 20, 2009

It’s great to wake up to a beautiful day. Perhaps I felt good, because my hair is laying right. Don’t know, but females know if their hair isn’t right, then it’s not going to be a good day. What is it about hair that has a direct effect on our attitudes? I’ve tried to fool myself into thinking that I’m stronger than my hair. Especially those days when my hair decides to do its own thing. That’s a battle I lose every time.

Hair is a #1 priority with most women, whether their hair style is short and natural; or short and relaxed; or weaveably long; or wrapped in micro braids, cornrows, dreadlocks or twists. Even if they decide to let the sun shine off their natural hair color, or enjoy a change of shades through color processing. Hair is a woman’s most expensive accessory.

Weave can be priced from $1.00 to $80 a bag, not including shipping and handling if a person shops online. Not included in the cost of the hair is payment to the stylist who will attempt to create the client’s hair style of choice. After a salon visit, additional money is spent on a variety of gels, sprays, lotions, and oils needed to keep their hair looking salon fresh. 

A client usually finds a style by way of a hair magazine, an online hair gallery or someone in passing.  The client arrives at the salon with photo in hand of the exact style they’d like the stylist to recreate. Leading to another dilemma, finding a stylist who is willing to expand her level of creativity and work with clients to give them original styles. Of course every style is not for everyone and instead of looking like Keisha Cole the client may look a hot mess. If I ask my stylist to give me a specific style, she is familiar enough with my hair and personal styling preferences to be honest and advise me that this particular style is not flattering to my face and suggest another style. I trust her because she is the expert. So if she says that a style or color will not compliment me, well I’ll rethink my style decision. Do you have a stylist who listens to your needs?

There are those who will take the picture say, “yah I can do this.” Lay the photo on the table and start cutting, coloring, gluing or sewing the client’s hair. The finished style is something not even close to resembling the photo. Leaving the client looking in the mirror thinking this is a hot mess. So what choices does the client have? 1) They demand a refund; 2) Request another appointment to redo their hair free of charge; 3) Find another stylist.  How do you find a good stylist? (SALONPITT)

What about when a favorite salon had turned into a gossip magnet? Where the conversation of the shop revolves around the last client who just left and how her man is and that, and what another chick said about her and on and on and hater nation grows.  Or a client is sitting under a dryer while the ex of her husband walks by and rolls her eyes. The drama should be kept outside of the salon. It’s not professional and it can run good clients to another salon. How do you find a new salon? (SALONPITT)

There are many hair salons and barber shops located in the region who offer great services, but there is not a networking tool in place for potential clients to search for a particular stylist who specializes in cut, or color, or the latest weave techniques or hair repair. There is not a one quick stop that lists all salons, spas, barbers, and a place that pinpoints their locations, prices, and offers a photo gallery of new and exciting hair styles.

That is until now the Soul Pitt Media is in the process of organizing an online networking environment for all stylists, spa owners, barbers and hair products distributers to place their information for easy access by potential clients called the SalonPitt. Just think a new client can find you with a click of the computer mouse. A place where Spas/Salons/Barbers can inform clients of new additions to their staff, new hours, change in pricing, new products, update them on new hair techniques being used.

You may join the SalonPitt network with a yearly or a 6-month low cost fee, giving your business a high profile online presence. What better way to market your business and build your clientele.  If you are interested email us at writers@thesoulpitt.com and we will send out detailed information or set up an appointment to discuss and demonstrate the SalonPitt networking online site.  In today’s multimedia world your business cannot afford to be left in the dark.

Soul Pitt Media is all about bringing people and business together within our region.

This is not geared for women only as many of our handsome brothers make regular visits to the barbers or salons to maintain their close crops or those wonderful dreadlocks. They can’t do it alone, in order for clients to keep their hair looking great they need an easy access to locate great stylists.

 Stylist, do potential and established clients a favor and contact the SalonPitt. Clients are out there looking for your services join the SalonPitt and make the connection.

Music and being crazy?

May 19, 2009

When things get crazy on the job, I read one of the prayers posted in my office; or repeat James Cleveland’s “Peace Be Still, of course all I can remember are three words Peace Be Still but those three words repeated over and over have gotten me through more than enough dark periods; or I put in my Best of Dionne Warwick CD. I can safely assume that those co-workers who come into my office and spot the CD or hear her voice coming out the speakers may become even more confused about who, what I may be or exactly where did i come from. 

Listening to her sing “Reach Out for Me”, or “Anyone Who Had a Heart”, “Trains, Boats and Planes”, not to leave out my favorite, “This Girls In Love” or “Promises, Promises” or “Letter to Michael”, or “Are You There (With another Girl)”, Ok, I’ll admit I love the entire CD. Dionne’s voice and the music and lyrics of Burt Bacharach and Hal David have a calming effect.  I’m transported to a long stretch of highway along the California coast with a warm breeze blowing through my hair, or I’m walking along a boardwalk, dancing, like in West Side Story, when the actors bust out in a song and dance while walking down the street, or even in FAME how they ran out the school and started dancing in the streets and on cars. It takes me to places that have no care, no worries just song and dance, a place far away from reality.

My jazz class instructor said if people who have road rage, the best music to play is jazz, its calming. I tried it and I have major road rage (one reason I try not to drive, anywhere), I put on a jazz station and within a minute my heart and breathing had slowed down, and I didn’t scream as much, pretty soon I wasn’t screaming at all, I was smiling.

It’s amazing the affect music has on the emotional human psyche. Music can rile or arouse people into a good or a bad mood. Music can make you cry for no apparent reason, for example when I first heard Maxwell sing “A Woman’s Worth,” talk about embarrassing tears.  

How many times has a song played on your car stereo and you wanted to pull the car over and just get out and dance? One day it’s going to happen. So when you see me dancing in the street, remember I warned you.

I’m suppose to be working on my manuscript, but I’m blogging. Plus Alexander O’Neal and Cherrelle are singing “Never Knew Love Like This.” makes you feel good, huh?

Manuscript is Ready

May 11, 2009

“twisted logic” is ready for editing. i’ve completed the self-edit part, but every manuscript needs to be professionally edited. it’s a scary thing. it’s like having someone stand judgment over you. bad enough folks judge you every day, at work, home, shopping, waiting on a bus.

the most important thing to me is to locate an editor who is experienced enough to pick up on my personal writing style and themes.  making sure we are both on the same page.

by time the editing has been completed on “twisted,”  my still “untitled” novel will be completed. that is, the 1st draft. then a self-edit go through, next on to the editor. let the real work begin.

in order to produce a polished and professional book, it takes hard work. i know once i hold the books in my hands i’ll be more appreciative of all the work and shout yes it was all worthwhle.

Manuscript Progress

May 6, 2009

i was working on my manuscript the other day, and my characters took over and wrote their own story. it’s not the first time my characters have rewritten what i thought was their story. it’s strange because you don’t know it’s happening until your fingers top and you read over what was just written. like you’re writing in the zone.

my character dewayne (don’t like this name, probably change it) was written as a philandering husband. you  know drama, conflict. his actions the usual cheating, lying, selfish type. but he made complete a u-turn and i found out he is more disguisting than just a cheating husband. 

one reason why i love to write. this story started off to be one thing and through my characters developing, it takes twists and turns. even dips and it even sinks. it’s so scary, that it’s not my story anymore.

once when i fooled myself into thinking that i had writers block, my characters were angry with me. i could hear them in my head, asking me when was i going to get back to their story, what was my problem.

today my manuscript, i mean their story is 85% complete.